ESDM Advanced Training Workshops

ESDM Canada is motivated to assist professionals wanting to access an ESDM Advanced Training Workshop  in their home or neighbouring communities. ESDM Canada's certified trainers live in different parts of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and we each work in professional capacities outside of providing opportunities for ESDM training. Depending on availability and need, we will do our best to accommodate each unique request. All requests for workshops are reviewed on a first come first serve basis. Once a request is received, we will work with interested parties to find suitable arrangements to support the occurrence of an ESDM Advanced Training Workshop in an appropriate community location, based on need and availability.  Although we are based in BC, we are happy to travel within Canada and internationally upon request.

All professionals wanting to complete the ESDM Advanced Training Workshop must have completed the ESDM Online Introductory Workshop prior to starting the Advanced Training Workshop. We do our best to update our current listing of EDSM Advanced Training Workshops in Canada. Please contact us for more detailed information and to discuss your Advanced Training Workshop needs. 

ESDM Certification

Working one-to-one with an ESDM Certified Trainer 

Once the Online Introductory Workshop and the Advanced Training Workshop have been completed, the final step to become an ESDM certified therapists involves working 1-1 with an ESDM certified trainer through submission of your written and video-taped ESDM work. Details of what is required for certification will be thoroughly reviewed at your ESDM Advanced Training Workshop. The process of submitting your work to your trainer should commence within several weeks of completing the advanced training workshop. The certification process is typically completed within one year.  

Interest in completing the certification process should be communicated with one of your Advanced Workshop Trainers as soon as you have come to the decision. Please review how to become an ESDM certified therapist for details.


Parent Coaching 

ESDM Canada is able to offer parent coaching services for caregivers wanting to learn evidence-based strategies to use with their young child who is showing signs of communication delay, experiencing difficulties with social communication, or showing signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Children do not need to be diagnosed with ASD for parent coaching to be beneficial to caregivers wanting to provide support to their child. For families living on Vancouver Island, in person coaching may be available. For those anywhere else in Canada, online coaching is available. ESDM Canada has successfully provided online coaching for several families living across Canada; a stable internet connection and a communication device with internet and video capabilities (e.g., computer, tablet, phone) is required. Please contact us for more information! 

ESDM Information Sessions

Available for one half day or one full day, these workshops are suitable for groups wanting to know more about the Early Start Denver Model. While not as detailed as the Online Introductory Workshop, these workshops can help participants build an good understanding of the ESDM Model. For more information, please contact us

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