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Below are some online resources for those wanting more information about ESDM and related online information. Should the online links stop functioning we would appreciate notification... please contact us!  


Related Resources 

The intent of these resources is to provide links to online information related to ESDM.  Some resources are specifically about ESDM others are related to early intervention and Autism Spectrum Disorder. ESDM Canada is not endorsing any of below the listed websites and/or the content found within them. Should these online links stop functioning, we would appreciate notification... please contact us!

  • ‚ÄčInteracting with Autism. This is an American-based website has several videos describing the various facets of the ESDM. Pdf versions of several research publications about ESDM can also be found here. Notice the top tab of called 'treating'. Within this section there are more video examples of other early intervention methods which could be examined and compared with ESDM. There are also videos about many other factors related to ASD outside of early intervention on this site. 
  • CTV News Media report (video and written) about ESDM therapy with very young babies prior to diagnosis. 
  • Media Report. This is an American-made TV video-based media report about the Early Start Denver Model which shows a little bit about the UC Davis Mind Institute as well as a short interview with Dr. Sally Rogers. 
  • The National Autism Centre. This is an American-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Evidence-Based Practice. There are many comprehensive resources available on this site. 
  • Autism Navigator. This is an online website with many tools including videos explaining ASD and related evidence-based information. There are online courses and resources available that are tailored for both families and professionals. 
  • Autism Information Services BC (AIS BC). This is a provincial information centre for autism and related disorders that provides information and supports to families, service providers, and professionals across BC. Staff are available online, by phone, or in person during regular business hours. Supports and services provided are unique to each new contact. AIS BC also manages the Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP)
  • ACT - Autism Community Training. For families and professionals living in British Columbia, ACT provides many online resources specific to supporting families living with ASD. The Registry of Autism Service Providers within the province of BC can be found here. Although ACT is geared towards supporting BC families, there are many resources within this website which may be helpful to individuals living outside of BC. 
  • Ministry of Children and Family Development's Parent's Handbook: Your Guide to Autism Programs. This is a resources for families and professionals within BC to assist in the navigation of MCFDs Autism Funding Programs. 
  • Ministry of Children and Family Development's Quick Start Guides. These guides are useful for families navigating a new diagnosis of ASD regardless of their age.