ESDM        Canada

Certification Options

Certification in the ESDM Model is completed through working with ESDM certified trainers. The UC Davis MIND Institute ESDM Training Program regularly updates the online listing of ESDM certified trainers . ESDM Canada is made up of three ESDM certified trainers

How to Become an ESDM Certified Therapist


All professionals wanting to become an ESDM certified therapists must:

  • Work with very young children with ASD;;
  • Have educational degrees beyond a bachelors or the academic equivalent from the country of origin (e.g., M.A, M.Ed, Ph.D, SLP, OT, PT);
  • If it is the applicant's intent to continue to certification, one should have the resources, permission, and ability to submit information digitally - written and video (all materials submitted will be handled in a highly confidential manner);
  • Must independently supervise cases, make decisions about goals, and monitor child progress. 

Step 1

Purchase and thoroughly read the ESDM training manual titled The Early Start Denver Model for Young Children with Autism: Promoting Language, Learning, and Engagement (Rogers, & Dawson, 2009). Develop an understanding of the Curriculum Checklist and fidelity rating system as detailed in the manual.

Step 2

Register for, participate in, and complete the Online ESDM Introductory Workshop. This self-paced, independent study online course provides participants with detailed learning about the Early Start Denver Model. In addition to learning more about ESDM, successful completion prepares participants for the attendance of an advanced training workshop. The ESDM Introductory Workshop is only available online through UC Davis Extension.

Step 3

Attend an ESDM Advanced Training Workshop. These workshops involve teams of three to five professionals working collaboratively with a young child with ASD across three full days. Participants receive direct practice and supervision in all aspects of ESDM therapy from utilizing the curriculum checklist, to engaging with a parent, to using ESDM therapy with a child, to writing goals and objectives, to taking data. Coaching and support are provided from the ESDM certified trainer(s). Opportunities for peer-to-peer support, learning, and self-evaluation on fidelity measurement are built into the three days. 

Step 4

Apply for certification with your advanced workshop trainer(s). If you have attended training by ESDM Canada trainers, we will do our best to accommodate all appropriate requests for certification. For certification materials submitted to members of ESDM Canada, all paper and video submissions must be in English or professionally translated into English. 

Step 5

Complete work required for certification. Certification work will involve one practice case of written and video submissions and two official submissions of written and video work. Your trainer will work with you to ensure you are comfortable with all elements of the ESDM model. Details about what is required for certification will be reviewed during your advanced training workshop. These requirements are well laid out by the UC Davis MIND Institute ESDM Training Program (see step 4 for detailed information related to certification requirements).